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MW3 and Doritos/MT. Dew – Double XP points – Is this considered cheating?

November 16, 2011

A number of classes ago we discussed an article called “There is No Magic Circle” by Mia Consolvo. In class we talked about how people pay other people to level them up in World of Warcraft and whether this should be considered as cheating or not. Likewise, I came across an ad for Mt. Dew and Doritos, which I linked above, offering players double xp points in the new Call of Duty: MW3. By buying these products players get a code that they type in and for a period of time how ever many xp points they get is doubled. Is this a form of cheating? Should players be able to simply buy something and move through the online rankings easier by getting more points in the game. For example, I could potentially lose a game and have more kills than the other person but they bought some chips to snack on for the day and so now they get double points and therefore have to make half as many kills. Since some players are benefiting from it while others might not be able to makes it sort of unfair, and I believe Consolvo would consider it a form of cheating.


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  1. I feel like this could definitely be considered a form of cheating, and also makes the game itself look bad in my view for allowing something like this. Of course it is a way for advertising the game and getting more people interested, but at the same time, it is also undermining the true reason people play the game because as you said, just because someone buys a bag of chips they have to work half as hard in the game. Buying a bag of chips has nothing to do with the game itself and should have no impact on the game, so I feel like this is something that should be considered cheating.

  2. I agree with you on this Ben. This sounds pretty screwy that the creators would allow such injustice to happen just to promote the game. I feel like their commercials with the vet and the noob are a lot more effective and don’t have any negative consequences.

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