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Fable – Karma Mechanism

December 9, 2011

In class we discussed how in open world, sandbox style games like GTA players are able given a vast amount freedom to do as they please. It’s sunny day out, perfect for stealing cars and shooting hookers, right? One of the benefits of these kinds of games is that they allow the player to do whatever without really having to think of any major consequences. However, the Fable series is also an open world, sandbox style game as well, but it’s designers gave it something unique to the other open games like Oblivion, Skyrim, and GTA. Fable was designed with a karma mechanism, which affects various aspects of the gameplay itself. The kind of person your avatar is, from what they look like to varying storylines, even how you are greeted and treated by AI’s in the game, it all depends on the things you do which affect your karma level. If you decide you want to just kill everyone you see in the game, it won’t be very long before your character has huge horns and looks like the devil. In addition, you may or may not be able to take on certain quests, but on the other hand you could receive some dirty work that would never have been offered to you if you were good. I think this makes the game all that much more interesting, and really does make the game replayable over and over again. Some might contend that it the karma mechanism limit’s the character by making them be either good or bad. However, that is not the case, you are more than welcome to do some good things and some bad things, and your character will just come out normal, possibly with a little bit of an edge. If anything it opens the game up more than any of the other previously mentioned games because you are given more choice. The only way someone playing this game could feel the least bit limited would be if they are limiting themselves, like if they only want their character to be good.


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