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Going Backwards

December 9, 2011

This may seem random but is it just me? Lately I’ve been finding myself going backwards with the video games I’ve been playing as well as the consoles that play them. The other day I was hanging out with my brother and for some reason I had a sudden urge to play N64. So I went to my parents house and dug my old N64 and games out the attic, and the next thing I know I’m glued to my TV for hours. And this isn’t the first or only time. I have just found myself going back to the basics and playing my old school Nintendo as well as my Sega Genesis. Is it just that there’s no more good quality games being made right now. I’d rather think that it’s the good quality of video games that were made back in the day. I believe their simplistic features and controls and the gameplay itself for the games is what keeps bringing me back. The fact that they are simple and fun just calls for disaster. I have a hard enough time getting off my couch as it is. The games of the Nintendo, Sega, and Super Nintendo make for great casual games but you start you get stuck because they have such incredible replay ability. I could go out to my dad’s house out in the country and shoot at birds all day but the replay ability and the simplisticness of Duck Hunt just keeps me inside.


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