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Halo 3 – Forge and Game Variants

December 9, 2011

One of the things I loved most about Halo 3 was its introduction of Forge and vast improvements in what game variations a player can create. All this hit me in class when we were discussing game design just prior to designing our very own games. Forge is a mode in the game that allows players to modify the existing maps and add and take away practically anything, The beauty about Forge and the game variations, is that it allows players to take on the role of designer within the confounds of the actual game. Tired of regular Halo 3, but don’t feel like going to the trouble to create all this amazing stuff? It’s okay, Bungie came prepared and designed it so players can go online and share their creations with each other. What’s even more cool, is that Forge is multiplayer so players can play each other as building stuff at the same time. I have even seen maps that are designed to resemble a race track and you Mario Kart style race around the track trying to destroy the opponent while trying to win this race that doesn’t really count. At first glance, one might say this straight up emergence, plain and dry. However, I would disagree. Emergence within a game is when there is potential for the player to play or use the game in a way in which was not designed. You might be sitting there thinking about what Halo even has to do with racing. Absolutely nothing. Yet, I would still be reluctant to call this emergence because the designers created Forge so that players could get creative. They put the vehicles like the Warthog in the options as well as barricades. When you’ve got cars and barriers at your disposal, you might as well be a wave of flag from racing. As for the game variations, players are allowed to modify so many things on the basic games offered that the amount of different possible game variants is pretty much unlimited.



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