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Portal 2

December 10, 2011

A few Friday’s ago, we as a class got to play Portal 2 during our session, however, I was sick, but you can bet I still played me some Portal 2. Usually I’m not as big of a fan of sequels, however, Portal expands so much on the original Portal both narratively as well as with what you can do. The first Portal had a lot of humor, however, I felt like they really out did themselves on the sequel, I found it hilarious. I love that they added a Co-op mode, my friends and I have been all over that this semester. The fact that when playing with a friend in Co-op, just because there’s two playing doesn’t make it any simpler. I enjoy that it’s tougher trying to maneuver 4 portals and 2 bodies the maps. I feel like more Co-op games should be like that, like with Gears of War playing co-op was a cake walk for me and my friends. Finally, I also like the fact that it was set in the same place as the first one so you feel like you recognize things, but at the same time you feel like it’s a fresh start as well.



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